Who We Are

Faithworks Staff
Bob Boulter - President - focuses on working with community partners to envision how their real estate assets can become a tool for effective ministry. He has been working in the housing field since 1970 and in faith-based community development since 1978. He has managed and guided the development of over 1,600 units of multifamily housing and a number of related commercial and social service projects. Through his excellent working relationships with a diverse group of professionals, he has the ability to find and direct resources to development projects.

Sandra Webster Director of Operations and Community Management - is primarily responsible for the planning and implementation of Faithworks' various housing and community development programs. Sandi has considerable experience working with nonprofit service providers and faith-based organizations that offer youth mentoring, case management, and various free food/meal programs.  Sandi most recently worked to place families in affordable housing throughout the Winchester area.

Pamela Williams Program Manager, Potter's House - 

Faithworks Consultants 

Keith Fleury

Barfonce Baldwin

Susan Schall

Board of Directors
Name Occupation
Bob Boulter President/Executive Director
Karen Anderson HolmanAttorney 
Annette Boxley Administrative Assistant
C. Clark Jones Driver
Randy Moon Program Manager
Susan Newton-RhodesCommunity Development, Finance
Rey Ramsey Attorney, Investor
Takiesha Williams          Program Manager