What We Do

Faithworks is currently involved in several projects that are addressing the affordable housing crisis in the Northern Shenandoah Valley and are working with a Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development consultant, local realtors, developers, and other organizations and businesses.

We also provide financial assistance to help meet critical needs in the communities we serve through the following programs.

Tenant Based Rental Assistance program provides financial assistance to homeless individuals and families to secure and/or maintain safe, affordable permanent housing.

Emergency Food and Shelter program provides limited financial assistance for rent and/or mortgage payments as funds are available.

Pay It Forward Program offers emergency financial assistance for rent, electric, water and heating bills for households experiencing a short-term financial crisis.

We also partner with churches, businesses and organizations to address specific needs in the community. In July 2017, Faithworks collaborated with several United Methodist Churches to launch The Potter's House, a transitional housing program that offers a place of rest, refuge and restoration for women and children fleeing domestic violence.


In 2019, Faithworks provided assistance to 192 households through our programs . Below is the breakdown by program and funding source.

Tenant Based Rental Assistance

Ninety-nine households served - Fifty households received rental assistance to avoid eviction; forty-nine households received financial assistance to secure safe, affordable, permanent housing. Services were provided with HUD funding.

Emergency Food and Shelter program

Thirteen households were assisted with rent or mortgage payments through a FEMA funded grant.

Pay It Forward Program

Seventy nine households were assisted - Thirty-three households received help with paying an electric bill; seventeen received assistance with rent payments; thirteen were sheltered in a motel for a minimum of one night; twelve had help paying their water bill; and four were assisted with heating costs or gas for their vehicles. Emergency financial assistance was provided by a United Way Community Impact Grant , two Walmart community grants, and charitable contributions.

The Potter's House

Since July 2017, nearly thirty women and children found safety and support at The Potter's House. Financial support for The Potter's House was provided through charitable donations from churches, Bible study groups, individuals, and Faithworks' general operating account.